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Elite Glass in Saco and Thomaston, ME is your local source for high-quality, affordable medicinal marijuana products.

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service In Maine For Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Elite Glass is a fully-licensed, community-based Maine medical cannabis dispensary that is committed to connecting our patients to the most effect specific cannabis medicine possible. We always have an on-site caregiver available and offer a private consultation space to better help our patients in determining what might work best for their chronic condition. Elite Glass offers a variety of high-quality medicinal marijuana, concentrates, CBD, and vapes to both Maine and out-of-state patients with valid identification and their medical cannabis card.

Maine Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Culture

We are proud of the variety of effect-specific Maine Medical Cannabis products we offer to our patient and believe in only the highest quality flower processing to create our high-grade cannabis concentrates and distillates. To learn more about our affiliate processing center visit Full Spectrum Solutions here!

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Cannabis Products

Explore our range of medical marijuana products-concentrates, tinctures, vapes, edibles, glass pieces and more. Find information on our strains and their unique properties and benefits. Learn more about the vertically-integrated, experience-based cultivation that helps ensure the high-quality of our organic cannabis products.

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Cannabis 101

Gain a better understanding of the different cannabis compounds and the connection to the cultivation of effect-specific medicinal marijuana products. We have a variety of strains that can be matched to support a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, opioid addiction, chemotherapy side effects, and more.

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Sales and Specials

We are always offering our customers affordable options to access high-quality medicinal cannabis and regularly run sales and special offers to connect you to a variety of organic medicinal cannabis, CBD, concentrates, and other products. We want your medical marijuana products to be as accessible as possible!

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We carry a variety of high-quality, effect specific medical cannabis products. To browse our currently available inventory of affordable products find us on Weedmaps.

Chat with the experts at Elite Glass in Saco and Thomaston, ME.

The professional caregivers at Elite Glass try to stay up-to-date in this innovative Maine Medical Cannabis industry. We understand that many patients are looking for cannabis options with a lower THC content to support their chronic conditions and the popularity of CBD products is growing. We are proud to offer high-quality, medical grade CBD products for our Maine and out-of-state customers right here in Saco and Thomaston, ME.

Maine Medical Cannabis

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Curious to know more, have questions or need help? Want to discover the most effect specific strain possible for your condition? Want to see our range of medical marijuana products or get recommendations for an affiliate store closer to you? We think it is important to foster close patient and caregiver relationships and match the best products possible.

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