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What is Marijuana?

Cannabis 101

Cannabis is a nature-made plant with known medicinal benefits, that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions and ailments. Marijuana has multiple plant varieties or strains, with the two most common being Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, both with their own properties and benefits. The leaves and flowers from the plant are dried and processed in any number of ways to create the final cannabis product including medical marijuana, concentrates, vapes, cannabis extracts, CBD, edibles, and more.

Cannabis 101

The types of cannabis


If you find that you cannot get yourself awake and moving in the morning, or you need more focus and energy during your day, a Sativa strain could be the answer. Sativa strains can lessen your chronic pain and keep your mind going strong. Sativa strains encourage energy, and focus, allowing you to give your all to the day.


If you find yourself struggling with feeling physically and mentally overworked and drained at the end of the day, an Indica strain could be the answer. Indica strains can assist in relaxation and encourage a restful nights sleep. Indica strains can assist in relieving body tension and pain, allowing your body and mind to be calm.

Where Do The Benefits Come From?

Cannabis has hundreds of molecules referred to as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are made up of both psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds, each with their own unique benefits and effects. The most largely occurring and recognized compounds of marijuana are THC and CBD. CBN and CBC are two other well-known cannabinoids.


Cannabidiol is the largest non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. Relief of anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, headaches, MS, PTSD, seizures are just some of the CBD supported conditions.


Cannabichromene is a compound with low psychoactive effects and apparent antibiotic properties. CBC molecules are analgesic and anti-inflammatory and can make medicinal marijuana useful for pain relief.


Cannabinol is a compound of marijuana with relatively low psychoactive effects with highly sedative molecules . CBN helps make medicinal cannabis useful for assistance with insomnia and pain relief.


Tetrahydrocannabinol is the largest psychoactive compound in cannabis. The THC molecules are what provide the mind and body “high” many associate with marijuana. THC also has many medicinal benefits, including lowering aggression, increasing appetite, reducing fatigue, nausea, and enhanced feelings of happiness and contentment.


In cannabis there are over one hundred identified terpenes. Terpenes not only give marijuana the tastes and smells associated with the plant, but have many medicinal benefits themselves. Terpenes interact with THC to enhance the psychoactive effects and modify how the THC molecules pass through the blood-brain barrier.

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