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Cannabis Culture

Elite Glass only offers high-quality, pure medicinal marijuana. We stay as involved as possible in every step of the cultivation and processing that our cannabis goes through. We take pride in our product! We only allow professional, knowledgeable and educated growers, processors and caregivers handle our medical marijuana, to ensure the high standards we pride ourselves on. This attention to detail is how we can stand behind our promise of affordable, high-quality, effect specific and pure medical cannabis flower, concentrate, CBD, vapes, and extracts.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Products

Explore the variety of effect-specific strains we offer and why we believe in vertical integration and quality flower processing. See the different ways you can administer our high-quality cannabis medicine from flower to concentrates and check out our glass pieces. We strive to offer the most affordable price possible, never condition based, just high-quality medicine for those who need it.

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Cannabis 101

Gain more knowledge on the cannabis plant that is medicinally beneficial to so many. Learn more about the different strains and compounds available that make this plant supportive with a variety of chronic conditions and ailments. At Elite Glass we are constantly learning and growing with this innovative industry and aim to share this up-to-date knowledge with our customers.

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Sales and Specials

Elite Glass never wants the cost to prevent your access to your medicinal marijuana and this is why we always aim to keep the quality high and the price affordable. We also are consistently offering special offers and running sales to connect our patients to a range of high-quality organic medicinal cannabis, CBD, concentrates, vapes, and glass pieces.

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You are valued at Elite Glass in Thomaston and Saco, ME

Elite Glass local to Thomaston and Saco, ME values our customers and understand that most households are budget-conscious. We always aim to keep the prices of our medicinal cannabis as affordable as possible. We would never base our prices off what condition the product is treating, our only focus is the highest quality medical flower, concentrate, vape, and extracts possible. We also have a range of quality glass pieces available in our clean and welcoming store.

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Curious to know more, have questions or need help? Want to discover the most effect specific strain possible for your condition? Want to see our range of medical marijuana products or get recommendations for an affiliate store closer to you? We think it is important to foster close patient and caregiver relationships and match the best products possible.