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All About Distillate

Distillate is a marijuana concentrate product, widely used because of its level of potency and discreet and fast dosing options. Distillate is extensively processed in an extraction lab to remove all plant matter, and unusable components of cannabis, leaving behind a single isolated cannabinoid, or a specific mix of cannabinoids and terpenes for targeted cannabis medicine. Distillate can be consumed through vaping, dabbing, adding to other medicinal cannabis and is a popular ingredient used to create medicinal marijuana products, such as edibles and balms. As isolated cannabinoids, distillate is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The final distillate products carried at Elite Glass have the addition of terpenes to add pleasurable taste, smell, and beneficial effects. 


Distillate is incredibly potent because of its concentration and isolated components. Typically, there are two main options for distillate — concentrated THC oil, or concentrated CBD oil. On their own these distillate options are potent, and powerful, but don’t provide a variety of options. The addition of natural terpenes can increase the targeted potency of distillate and provide consumers with a variety of distillate choices to meet a variety of needs. Terpene and cannabinoid mixed distillate provides the harmonized effect that the multiple compounds create when working together to address a body’s needs. THC based distillate will be incredibly potent with strong psychoactive effects. CBD based distillate will have the therapeutic effects CBD brings, but there will be no psychoactive effects at all. 


Our distillate cartridges offer a popular and easy to use, easy to dose dosing option for marijuana concentrate consumption. Terpene and cannabinoid distillates offer the targeted and potent effects of the isolated distillate process mixed with the beneficial natural plant terpenes that are normally lost in the extraction process. Our extraction lab’s process provides natural cannabis derived terpenes through a steam distillation process. Our distillate contains THC and terpenes that connect to a pen type module or battery which acts as the heating element in turn creating a vapor. We create a wide variety of these carts in all flavors of our marijuana strains using natural organic terpenes that only come from our cannabis plants.


Distillate is often consumed via vaping with a vape pen. A vape pen consists of a pre-filled distillate cartridge, a mouthpiece, and a battery powered heat source. The heating element warms and vaporizes the distillate which is inhaled via the mouthpiece. Many patients are curious how many grams is in a MG of our potent distillate. Typically 1G of distillate has 1000mg within it. As always, with our more potent medicinal cannabis products we recommend you start low and go slow, while exploring what dosage is right for you. 


Many of our patient’s enjoy the fast and potent dose distillates provide and the portable and discreet doing option of distillate cartridges to use with vape pens. If you are looking for a powerful, targeted marijuana medicine, in either a CBD or THC variety, distillate may be the perfect product for your needs. Our caregivers can go over your options during your consultation and discuss the dosing options, flavors and strain varieties with you. They can guide you through the process of finding your unique threshold with the potency of this particular medicinal cannabis product. We encourage you to connect with us to discover if distillate is the product for you.