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Inflammation and Marijuana

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a body’s biological response against something that is trying to enter or cause harm to the body, such as infection, or to an injury. When the body is infected or injured it sets off our immune response encouraging white blood cells and proteins to aid the affected area. This helpful yet sometimes uncomfortable biological response prompts swelling, discoloration such as redness, pain and temperature increase. When discussing inflammation there are two types to discuss and compare — acute vs. chronic inflammation. Sometimes our immune system is mistaken and can attack our own body, resulting in more chronic inflammatory responses like skin disorders, chronic pain, arthritis, bowel disorders and more. 


Acute vs chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation is the body’s more instant response to injury, infection, and harmful chemicals that usually occurs within hours. With acute inflammation comes discomfort, discoloration, swelling, and pain. When comparing acute vs. chronic inflammation, the difference is in the length of time the inflammatory response lasts and often is a case of a malfunctioning immune system. In chronic inflammation the symptoms of inflammation are persistent and long term, leaving the body constantly stressed and on the attack. 


What are the mainstream treatment options?

Traditionally inflammation is treated with both over the counter and prescription medications, like NSAID’s and steroids. While these treatments might be effective, they are often not recommended for long term use. Many have negative short term and long term side effects or are even dangerous when used on a persistent basis. Other more natural options do exist, such as icing, herbal supplements, dietary changes, etc. Natural treatment options can be supportive, but often only for acute inflammation as opposed to chronic inflammation. 


Can medicinal marijuana provide better support?

The caregivers at Elite Glass have many patients that report positive support of their inflammation complaints with the use of medicinal cannabis. Some have found that marijuana, especially the CBD compound within cannabis, can provide a natural alternative to over the counter and prescription drugs typically recommended for their acute and chronic inflammation. While still largely in its infancy, there is large amounts of early research showing some correlation between many of the cannabinoids found in cannabis and anti-inflammatory responses. Many of the endocannabinoid system receptors that occur naturally in our body are directly correlated with our central nervous system and immune system responses. THC and CBD, two main cannabinoids present in cannabis, both have proven anti-inflammatory, and pain relief effects. Additionally, an area of chronic pain disorders are related to the digestive and bowel systems, and many medicinal marijuana consumers report supportive effects with those complaints as well. 

Medicinal Marijuana

How do I choose where to begin?

Some medicinal cannabis strains may be more beneficial and worthwhile than others to assist with inflammation. Additionally one strain might be best for acute vs. chronic inflammation, while another is more appropriate for chronic vs. acute. Overall, the medical marijuana strains best known for supporting anti-inflammatory responses have a good balance of both CBD and THC. The compounds work together to possibly provide the body support in reducing pain and inflammation. It is best to work with a knowledgeable caregiver at a local medical marijuana dispensary to explore your options for strains and products. Every body is different and every need is different, so consulting with a caregiver here at Elite Glass will be the best way to support your journey.