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Maine Medical Marijuana


Cannabis in Maine has had a long history of not always being accepted by the general public. At one time, it was an illegal substance that was punishable by fines and depending on the amount of jail time. However, throughout the years, cannabis in Maine has impacted the well-being of many patients. Marijuana, at one time, was seen as a recreational drug, not suitable for anyone. Thankfully due to medical advances in science, the growth of knowledge in the benefits and the health properties of cannabis have been astounding. Over the years, time and time are less and less offensive and more and more beneficial. Today we can separate individual chemical components, such as THC and CBD, to create a broader range of medication for Maine patients. 



Cannabis in Maine was banned for use in 1913 and up until the mid-1970s. At that point, marijuana started to become decriminalized for small amounts. Because of this, Maine became the third state in the United States to decriminalize and permit small amounts of marijuana. The stigma surrounding marijuana for a very long time was not a positive one. Many people, including doctors and physicians, were unaware of the many health benefits marijuana truly has. However, because many people saw incredible differences in their health from using marijuana, the pendulum shifted in 1999. 



During the late 90s, the ideas and negative stigma surrounding cannabis in Maine began to wane. As more and more people used marijuana for medical reasons instead of recreational, it was hard for physicians and scientists not to see medicinal qualities. In 1999 the public opinion on marijuana changed, and thus it was put on the ballot for legal, medical use. With a definite victory for cannabis in Maine, the vote was won in favor of legalizing medical cannabis. 

Since the legalization of medical cannabis in Maine, the laws and stipulations around achieving this have changed. To design a well-oiled machine, it is important to contrast and compare ideas to create something that works for everyone’s best interest. Doctors and physicians with the ability to prescribe medical cannabis and caregivers work together tirelessly to create a positive and helpful environment for medical cannabis. Although it is still not federally legal, the state recognizes the health benefits of cannabis in Maine. 



Since the legalization of medical cannabis in Maine, the laws to expand the program were revisited in 2009. This allowed for more avenues to achieving medical cannabis for patients. Caregivers and dispensaries have opened that offer a wide variety of medical cannabis products. Many jobs have been made available for the cultivation and preparation of medical cannabis in Maine, which has immensely helped the economy. What seems like the works of fiction years ago, have now manifested into a beautiful and orchestrated holistic way of giving patients medicine that has worked when others may have not. Many claim cannabis in Maine has been found to support a wide variety of symptoms far better than pharmaceuticals.   

Some also use cannabis for recreational purposes, and in 2015 Maine once again voted for the rights of cannabis users. This allows both patients and regular citizens to grow six plants per person for medical use or other. Just as any medication, cannabis in Maine has been found by some to be the perfect supportive supplement to treatment plans for symptoms like chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. Cannabis in Maine has come far and wide since the early days of it being considered an illegal substance. It is a testament to medical science to see how far this incredible plant has come.