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The Perfect THC Dosage


Marijuana is a plant that provides medicinal benefits for patients all over the world. One of the main components of marijuana is a compound known as THC. As the plant reaches maturity—  flowers, also known as “buds” form on the plant that contain the properties marijuana is known for. For many years people have been using cannabis as a way to possibly ease symptoms ranging from mental issues to physical issues. So when it comes to the optimal dose for your therapeutic medical marijuana needs, it is important to know a little bit about THC and how cannabis can help you. Here are a few things you should look for when creating the best dose. 


An important thing to keep in mind when looking for the perfect THC dosage is knowing your individual tolerance. THC affects everyone differently. For some people, a considerably high THC dosage is needed for therapeutic benefits, whereas others may need a very small THC dose in comparison to achieve the same effect. There are also many individuals who have used cannabis for quite a few years causing their tolerance to seem misleading when you are choosing your own individual dose. 


Cannabis has been found to have a multitude of medical benefits for patients all over the world. Each person individually should customize the right amount they need to achieve a medicinal therapeutic level of support from their cannabis. For example, some patients may need to consume one joint by themselves to achieve a therapeutic level. Other patients may only need one puff of a joint to achieve the right level of support for their needs.


A few things to consider when choosing the right THC dosage. First, it’s important to start slow. It is far better to start slow and achieve no or little effect if you consume too much, then to feel overwhelmed by the effects it may cause if you consume too much. Cannabis is completely safe and although for some a high dose can cause adverse effects, they are only temporary. Always remember, for many marijuana is a safe alternative to pharmaceutical medication.


When starting slowly, take the smallest dose first, then see how you feel and if it affects your specific symptoms. If nothing happens then you know that you are able to consume the same amount again. Once you do, it is important to wait to see if you feel any of the slightest effects from the THC dosage used. Once you feel the slightest therapeutic effect from the THC dose, that is a good indicator that you have reached a beneficial dosage. 


CAN I TAKE TOO MUCH?:Cannabis THC Oil Dosage

There is no maximum number of THC milligrams that will cause harm. Although with higher THC dosage then an individual is used to it can cause some effects that may not be welcomed. Some of these effects include dry mouth, dizziness, increased anxiety, and dry eyes. It is also important to remember that cannabis is used to support a lot of these symptoms, so if they appear, then it is an indicator you have taken more than your therapeutic level requires.


Cannabis is a completely safe alternative to pharmaceutical medication. More and more people are choosing to use THC doses as a therapeutic way to get support with their symptoms. So while it is possible to take more than is necessary; it does not cause any harm to do so. That is why it is so important to work with your caregiver at Elite Glass to achieve the highest therapeutic and beneficial THC dose from your medical cannabis that is right for your unique and individual needs. Our dedicated caregivers will take the time to explore this with you.



Once you have started slowly, achieving the perfect amount of THC dosage needed to relieve your specific symptoms, it is important to remember that amount and continue to communicate and work with a trusted caregiver at Elite Glass to maintain ongoing medicinal use. This is going to give you your baseline, as well as the knowledge of how much THC is appropriate for your individual needs. Using marijuana as a medication is an important lifestyle decision that should be treated with the highest amount of care and attention. That is why it is so important to consult with your caregiver to find the optimal THC dose for you, and you can count on that care and attention from Elite Glass’s dedicated caregivers.