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We only carry high-quality, effect specific medicinal marijuana flower, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, glass pieces and more at Elite Glass in Saco and Thomaston, ME.

Elite Glass in Thomaston, ME

We take pride in the high-quality of the medical marijuana products that we cultivate and carry.

Maine cannabis
The caregivers at Elite Glass are experienced and consistently growing their knowledge of medical cannabis. We are here every step of the way from seed to sale to ensure we can offer the most high-quality, effect specific, medical grade medicine possible. We provide loving care and expert cultivation. We never claim a strain into our company before we have stabilized genetics. We always aim for an organic as possible processing with the correct potency, specific cannabinoids and highest quality. This attention to detail is how we can be sure to have the right products on hand to provide effect specific medicine for your chronic conditions.
Maine cannabis

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Full Spectrum

We are proud of the variety of effect-specific marijuana products we offer. We believe in only the highest quality flower processing to create our high-grade cannabis concentrates and distillates. To learn more about our affiliate processing center visit Full Spectrum Solutions here!

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Mainely Baked

We offer a variety of delicious edible options for your chronic conditions. We only carry high quality medical marijuana edibles crafted in a clean, commercial grade kitchen. To browse their wonderful products and learn more visit our affiliate kitchen Mainely Baked here!

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Cannabis Cured

We are proud of the high-quality, beautifully pure flower that our products begin with. Our flower is knowledgeably grown, lovingly handled and cultivated in Thomaston and Fairfield, ME. To learn more about the flower and our affiliates vision for it visit Cannabis Cured here!

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Elite Glass’s Premium Strain Bank

**Please note we might not always carry each of these strains at one time, but these are strains we will have on a consistent basis.**

Wedding Crasher

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Happy and uplifted effects
- Mental Clarity effects
- Relaxed body effects
- A mix of earthy and sweet berry smells and tastes
- Supportive for anxiety and depression
- Helpful for stress
- High THC strain
- Genetics from Wedding Cake and Purple Punch

Mint sherbet

- Ultra relaxing effects
- Uplifting happy effects
- Unique strain with unique terpenes
- Terpene Profile is Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
- Scent and taste of sweet citrus, candy, mint
- Helpful for stress and depression
- Supports pain relief
- The genetics are Sunset sherbert and Kush Mints #11

Blue Dream

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Energizing effect
- Provides relaxing body effects
- Provides energizing mind effects
- Calm euphoric effects
- Popular daytime strain
- Sweet berry smell and taste
- High THC strain
- Helpful for pain, depression, nausea
- Supports stress and anxiety
- Genetics are Blueberry and Haze


- Relaxing effects
- Uplifting effects
- Aroma and taste: Blueberry scents
- Maine Strain!
- Helpful for sleep Supportive of anxiety and stress
- May assist pain
- Genetics from Blueberry

4 Kings

Indica Dominant Hybrid
- Relaxing effects
- Euphoric effects
- Aroma and taste; woody, peppery piney
- Recommended for night time use
- Sedation effects leads to sleep
- Strong body high
- Stimulates appetite
- The genetics are LA og Kush X Triple OG


- Relaxing effects
- Uplifting euphoria effects
- A high THC content
- Sweet blueberry scent and taste
- Helpful for pain and stress Supports anxiety and sleeplessness
- Mixed genetics

True Octane

- Relaxing effects
- Extremely potent option for indica lovers
- High-tolerance consumers
- Provides a focused, cerebral buzz
- Provides full-body relaxation
- Best at night or right before bedtime
- Helpful for Chronic Pain and Insomnia
-Helpful for Stress and Appetite Loss
- Not Recommended for Anxiety
- Terpenes are Humulene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
- Unknown genetics

Purple LA confidential

Heavily leaning Indica Hybrid
- Relaxing and sleepy effects
- Fast approaching psychedelic sensations
- Calming for both body and mind
- Well rounded strain
- The taste is smooth and piney
- Classic skunky aroma that does not linger for to long
- Useful for acute pain, stress and insomnia
- Supportive of anxiety, depression
- Euphoric happy effects
- Genetics are Purple and LA Confidential


- Couch-locking effects
- High potency strain
- Heavy euphoric happiness
- Heavy relaxation effects
- Useful for anxiety, depression
- Supportive for stress, pain
- Sour and earthy scent and taste
- Also known as Original Glue
- Very popular strain
- Genetics from Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel

Shire 2.0

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Energizing effect
- Fast acting high
- Provides mental clarity and focus
- Provides buzz of body and mind Motivating and energizing
- Helpful for stress, depression, fatigue
- Tastes of sour and spicy herbs
- Smells pungent and fruity
- Genetics are Silver Haze and Durban Poison

Cannalope Haze Diesel

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Uplifting and energizing effects
- Promotes euphoric happiness and creativity
- The flavor is a sweet mix of tropical fruits with hint of diesel
- The aroma matches that of the flavor
- Useful for stress, fatigue, and appetite loss
- Supportive of depression, anxiety
- Could incite paranoia
- Genetics are Sour Diesel and Cannalope Haze


Indica Dominant Hybrid
- Relaxing effect
-Sweet smelling berry taste and smell
- Instant body relaxation
- Long lasting sense of euphoria
- Helpful for stress and pain relief
- High THC content
- Supports anxiety, Insomnia, depression
- Relaxed, sleepy, uplifted effects
- May cause paranoia

Gas Leak

Indica Dominant Hybrid strain
- Relaxing effects
- Full body and mind calming effects
- Starts with cerebral effect then leads into the body
- Supports a good night's sleep
- Sleepy and uplifting effects Has herbal, skunky, spicy taste and smell
- Helpful for chronic pain, migraines, and depression
- Helpful for muscle spasms and stress
- Genetics are Chemdawg 91 and Chemdawg Bx3


- Relaxing effects
- Named for the region of origination
- Also known as Afghani
- Heavy euphoric happiness
- Heavy sedation effects
- Heavy resin strain
- Earthy and sweet smell
- Useful for insomnia, high stress
- Supportive for anxiety, pain


- Relaxing effects
- Named for the region of origination
- Also known as Afghani
- Heavy euphoric happiness
- Heavy sedation effects
- Heavy resin strain
- Earthy and sweet smell
- Useful for insomnia, high stress
- Supportive for anxiety, pain

Salmon River

- Relaxing effects
- Practice caution with overindulgence in Novice users
- Potent strain
- Heavy indica buzz
- Strong berry smell with some chocolate and coffee
- Sleepiness effects
- Euphoric happiness effects
- Useful for anxiety, stress
- Supports depression, insomnia


Indica Dominant Hybrid strain
- Perfect for daytime use.
- Clear-headed, yet mind-calming high
- Provides clarity and focus
- Perfect option for novice consumers
- Useful for migraines, nausea, appetite loss
- Supportive of anxiety, depression, stress
- Not recommended for chronic pain
- Terpene Profile includes Linalool, Humulene, Caryophyllene
- Genetics are Ghost and OG Kush Mystery cut

Pink Panties

- Relaxing, sleepy effects
- Has a strong smell of Tangerine and Citrus
- The taste is smooth flowing with strong citrus hints
- Potent but functional sedation
- Euphoric relaxation and focus
- Useful for insomnia, pain, inflammation
- Supportive of depression, PTSD, headaches
- May cause anxious feelings
- Genetics are Burmese Kush and Florida Kush

New York City Diesel

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Both energizing and calming effects
- Strong mind buzz
- Eventual all over deep body calming effects
- Has distinctive lime and grapefruit smell
- Excellent social strain due to its happy, talkative effects
- Provides a mix of euphoric happiness with relaxation
- Useful for stress, anxiety Supportive of depression, pain


Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Energizing head effects
- Mild enjoyable body buzz
- Balanced strain
- Tastes and smells of citrus
- Helpful for mild aches and pains
- Useful for creativity and focus
- Supports stress, depression
- Not recommended for Sleep, Chronic Pain, Anxiety
- Terpenes are Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
- Genetics are Tangie and Candyland

GSC X Grapes

- Relaxing effects
- Also known as Grape Cookies
- A cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and Grapes
- Beautiful appearing buds
- Grape and berry smells
- Complex terpene strain
- Couch locking strain
- Euphoric calm effects
- Useful for stress and anxiety

GSC X Grapes

- Relaxing effects
- Also known as Grape Cookies
- A cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and Grapes
- Beautiful appearing buds
- Grape and berry smells
- Complex terpene strain
- Couch locking strain
- Euphoric calm effects
- Useful for stress and anxiety

Purple Punch

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
- Relaxing effects
- Has sweet and tart grape and blueberry scents
- A very potent strain
-Best for evening use
- Buzz begins between the eyes
- Spreads to limbs
- Useful for nausea and stress
- Supports aches and insomnia
- Brings effects of happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness
- Genetics from Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple


Sativa leaning balanced Hybrid
- Mellowing yet uplifting effects
- Also known as East Coast Alien Dawg
- A very balanced strain
- A good daytime strain
- Calms the mind and body
- Also brings clarity and alertness
- Useful for mild aches and pains, nausea, headaches
- Supportive of stress, anxiety
- May relieve headaches, tremors
- Not recommended for sleep
- Terpene Profile includes Humulene, Bisabolol, Terpineol
- Genetics are East Coast Sour Diesel and Alien OG


Indica Dominant Hybrid
- Relaxing effects
- Couch locking effects
- Calming without sedation
- Well balanced strain
- Legendary strain a.k.a Girl Scout Cookies
- Anxiety-relieving social buzz
- Serious appetite stimulation
- Useful for stress, appetite loss
- Supportive of anxiety, depression, chronic pain
- Not Recommended for insomnia, focus, productivity
- Terpene Profile includes Humulene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
- Genetics are Durban Poison and OG kush

Our Concentrates

  • Shatter: a glass-like, brittle cannabis concentrate that is easy to dose and potent

  • Crumble: a potent, chunky, crumb-like cannabis wax

  • HoneyComb: a potent, dry and porous, cannabis wax with a honey-comb appearance
  • Diamonds: a potent cannabis concentrate product that is crystal-like formations of isolated THC from raw cannabis extract
  • Sugar: an easy to use cannabis concentrate product that is sugar crystals with transferred cannabinoids

  • Sauce: a potent, terpene-rich cannabis concentrate product with a sticky, liquid, sap-like consistency

  • Wax: potent blended raw cannabis extracts with either a whipped, airy and smooth consistency, or further processed into a drier, crumble or honeycomb consistency

  • Cartridges: pre-filled, easy to dose cannabis extract products that pair with a battery for vaping, available in a variety of doses, strains, CBD-rich versus THC rich options

Come to Elite Glass in Thomaston and Saco, ME to explore the variety of quality, effect-specific strains and the different ways you can administer your cannabis medicine and our glass pieces.